Happy New Year 2015

The new year 2015 is finally there 🙂 i hope you had a very fabulous start! In the next days i will show my list for 2015 with all those stuff i wanna do this year. Nothing i will make better oder righter just things i must do 🙂 for me for my future for my soul. Cheers 2015 💞


New Years Eve

Tonight 2014 is over and a new year is ready to begin. What are you’re wishes and hopes? Or is there something you would like to change? For me: I will be a member of Weight Watchers again 😋 i will start my first real blog with fashion shots and some beauty stuff. And i will save some money for my big journey to the USA in September 2015 ❤️ so everyone: Have a fabulous night!!! 😍 😘


Christmas time with mom ❤️

Today i was with my mom in our personal christmas bakery ❤️ it was a lots of fun having i nice day with her. You know what? It is the most important human in the world you need in your life. If you marry someone they said „for now and forever“ this is nothing you share with someone. You share this with someone special. I think you have to share it with your mom. Because in fakt she is the one who stays for now and forever! Love your mom! Friends and men come and go but your mom is forever!!!! ❤️