Be who you really are….

Today i will write about what it means to be yourself. Everybody’s talking about being normal, being natural and authentic but does everybody really do that? If you see a beautiful model or actor with a great outfit or a great hairstyle, do you really remained yourself being you and not her? Or maybe your best friend wears really good style, do you never thought about being like her?
I think being really yourself is a really difficult think! Today everybody looks around and is on search for something better.
In my way, i do look around! And sometimes i make a outfit copy! But i really trying to be me in soul! With own opinions and meanings. And i believe that it is the best way. It isn’t about Style or Weight or Brands it is about you! Feelings, meanings and doings are more important than all those outside thinking!
To having a great Style or a great Hairstyle is just for giving yourself a wonderful frame 💖


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