Be who you are!!!!

Today i wanna write about something very important. About being yourself! Always! You wanna know the reason? Last Thursday i watch the German TV Show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and i was shocked how skinny all those girls are! I mean is this Trend again? Being more than skinny? Ok, for present Designer Outfit’s you have to have a attractive body, but is it a must to be that skinny? This is not healthy, in my opinion. If you see the bones everywhere this is not attractive this is scary…. There are so many Topmodels out there, looking great, without being that skinny.
After i watch the show i scroll down the Instagram Photo History to find some new blogs…. And than i realize that there so many girls too being that skinny. Posing with some Designer Details for getting – i don’t know – famous?
I think Beauty isn’t about being skinny, it is about being beautiful. No matter what size! Being small and attractive is everyones goal, right, but not being scary skinny.
Just my opinion! But i think it is more important being yourself! The Girl who you are. And there is no matter trying to be someone else……

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