Casual Shopping Day

It is a long time ago that i did a post about fashion. But i love fashion and it is one of my fav’s in my blogtheme. I really love the casual style. I was out for shopping in cologne thats where the pic is taken. I wear my lovely leather leggins by Only and a fur vest by H&M. With this i wear a shirt by Only too and a leather jacket by Only. My favorite piece are my Boots by Michael Kors. I bought them in Munich and i am so in Love. With my outfit i have a Bag by Guess. Guess is on of my favorite Labels. 💕 do you have favorite Labels? Please let me know 😉💕 

This Outfit was casual and style in one person. With a little Jewelry it is completed. A perfect match for going shopping. The shirt is also a favorite piece of me because i love the country style pitch with leather pieces. I love to breach the Styles. What do you think? Do you breach your Styles together? 

Hope you’re liked it. 💕 Have a great Day Peeps 💕 XoXo Sarah 


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