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Hey hey Folks 😊 this week i think about my consum character. And i thought about the questian: am I a Shopaholic? 

I really really shop a lot but isn’t it wrong? Is it wrong to be a Shopaholic? I think not. Girls just need some things. The men are looking for girls in Style and in Beauty and in Shape and and and…. So Girls needed all that stuff. But don‘ t think that this is just for all the men outthere! It is for feeling good with yourself. I love new dresses. I feel better if i wear some new shoes and i am a Blogger- a Fashionblogger- so i need something to write about. 😉 i also write about daily thinks or my thoughts and stuff like that but fashion is one of my favorite themes. 

Ok i am a Shopaholic – but I Love It!!!! 💋✌️

And so i present you my new love shopped by and designed by Just Cavalli – isn’t it lovely? 💜💕 


Instagirl and Food Lover, love Fashion and Style, in Love with New York City and still a believer. Visit me at Instagram: @pancake19871/ Tweet me: @SPancake87

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